Beyond Pedis and Girl’s Nights

When it comes to self-care what’s your motivation?

Sure, there’s some truth to the saying “when mom’s not happy ain’t nobody happy”.

BUT, what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is why moms often justify self-care so that they, in turn, can take care of everyone else?

I want to offer this to you:

Make taking exquisite care of yourself about YOU!

Do it because – YOU deserve to feel amazing, because you are a person apart from everyone else and you matter.

Sure, everyone else will benefit and that’s awesome for them!

But, you taking care of you, starts with realizing and truly believing that you’re worth it.

Now, when I’m talking about self-care I’m not referring to the common – go out and get yourself a pedi, or even getting away for the weekend self-care that moms are often encouraged to do.

This is all good, and should be done for sure.

But, when you come home from the weekend away life is still life and you, my friend, will still be sitting right smack dab in the middle of it all – feeling the same way you did before you left.

What I’m really talking about is the exquisite self-care that will change your life and this always begins with paying attention – particularly paying attention to your mind.

Please don’t get bored here, I know that pedis sound a lot more alluring than “paying attention to your mind” but I promise you – they’re not.

So I ask you, what’s going on in your life right now?

Is it how you want it to be or are you simply running on automatic?

Are you going day in and day out without really being present with yourself long enough to see why you’re creating the life you are?

Let’s change that!

Here’s a simple exercise that will blow your socks of with clarity!

1 – Get a journal or something else that you find pleasurable writing in
2 – Write down your top 5 priorities in life
3 – For a week keep a time journal writing down what you do each day.
4 – At the end of the week compare your priorities with what you actually did with your time.

This exercise might seem tedious but I promise you that it’ll give you HUGE insight into why you’re creating the life that you are and why you’re feeling the way you do.

Awareness is always the first step towards change.

Please pass this post on to all the women in the world (we all need it) and tune in to next week’s blog where I’ll be coaching you on what to with this new found clarity

You’ve got this!

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