Life Coaching or Therapy – What’s right for you?

Should I hire a coach, or see a therapist? As life coaching becomes increasingly popular it’s important that you understand how it differs from therapy.   My favourite analogy that I first heard from marriage coach, Maggie Reyes, is this: Say you’re playing your favourite sport. You love it, have mean skills and have a … Read more

THIS is the Most Important Question to Ask Yourself

Think about the last time you felt truly supported by someone.   How did it feel to know that they had your back? That they were there to cheer you on, encourage you and give you the support you needed. Having people who are there for you is incredible – but do you know what’s … Read more

Cultivating Courage & Getting Sh*t Done!

Last week fear hit me smack dab straight in the face.   I met a coach, who I adore, and wanted to join her mastermind. Then, I discovered how much the investment was and I instantly started to resist. All sorts of thoughts came up and I convinced myself that it was a bad idea … Read more