Keeping Your Promises to Yourself

You know those times when you’ve given in to something you really didn’t want to do? Like eating handfuls of grated cheese while making dinner . . . or is that just me? Time and time again I’ve promised myself that I’d stay away from the cheese. I’ve tried eating small snacks before starting dinner … Read more

How to Eliminate Overwhelm!

Stop and look around you ~ notice all your options. What do you want to: Do Eat Wear Be Go Watch … Omgosh, the choices are endless. No freaking wonder you feel overwhelmed. I used to be a chronic overthinker and by default I ended up feeling deeply frustrated and overwhelmed every single day. That … Read more

How 5 Minutes Can Transform Your Life!

Have you ever used the excuse that you  “just don’t have the time” for self-care? I know I have and I also know that it was a big freaking fat lie!   Yes, you’re busy – there’s no denying that the pressures on the modern woman are seriously crazy and often overwhelming.   But this … Read more