How 5 Minutes Can Transform Your Life!

Have you ever used the excuse that you  “just don’t have the time” for self-care?

I know I have and I also know that it was a big freaking fat lie!


Yes, you’re busy – there’s no denying that the pressures on the modern woman are seriously crazy and often overwhelming.  

But this is exactly WHY we need to take exceptional care of ourselves and it, most definitely, should never be an excuse not to.


I was recently chatting with a woman who was resisting signing up for my totally rocking Exceptional Self-Care ~ How to Feel Your Best Every Day video series because she was “totally overwhelmed already”.  

My reply was a simple – “watch them while on the toilet, they are all under ten min long”


Ha – this made us both laugh but seriously there’s so much to consider here.  

We all have equal time in our days and many women manage to balance it all while ensuring that they themselves don’t fall through the cracks. 

The truth is that we often waste so much time immersed in distracting behaviors like scrolling on facebook when we could be taking those moments to invest in ourselves!

“But how” I can hear you say. 

Ok – here’s a simple strategy that will make a HUGE difference in the end.

Start thinking in terms of 5 minutes.  

Paying attention to how often, throughout the day, you distract yourself or make quick “easy decisions” rather than ones that will ultimately serve you.


Take for example:

– When waiting in a line you can choose to get lost in your phone or you can have a meaningful little convo with your kids. 

– If you have 5 min to get a quick bite you can pull up to a drive through or you can go into a grocery store and grab a premade salad, some artisan cheese and a fruit cup – YUM!

– You can sleep in for an extra 5 min or you can start your day off with a guided meditation (I use this app and it rocks).

– And, when your in the washroom, you can either scroll through facebook or you can read the You Thrive email! 😉 😉


Over time, these 5 min segments will stack up and you will be well on your way to creating a life you love.

These little moments matter and when you pay attention you’ll  discover so much time than you ever had to take care of you <3


It’s 5 min either way and it’s your choice in how your going to spend it – I recommend that you choose you! 


So much love to you!



P.S. I’m building a community of moms who are ready to move from overwhelm to thriving and I know that word of mouth is the very best way to reach these women.  In light of this please share this blog post and tell your friends about the You Thrive Tribe!

Together we can change lives!

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  1. Thank you You are such an amazing women who inspires so many ❤️

    • HUGS! Thank you so much Chantel. Your comment means the world to me!


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