Today’s the day. The one I’ve dreaded (and prepared for) for 6 years. It’s the day that my kids go to their dad’s part time. When I divorced, my greatest fear was losing my kids for half of their little lives. I ended up having them almost full time – which was a challenging and … Read more

How in the Hell Does One Live in the Now?

The key to happiness is living in the present. We’ve all heard it and felt totally confused as to how to do it. What if the present moment sucks. How can we stay in it if all we want to do is move on from it? Before I had kids I thought that having a … Read more

How to be a Super Mom

“How in the hell do you get it all done?” I’m asked this a lot and it always makes me laugh because I used to be a serious hot mess when it came to fitting it all in. I always felt so busy; yet, the things I wanted to do most, like go on a … Read more