How in the Hell Does One Live in the Now?

The key to happiness is living in the present.

We’ve all heard it and felt totally confused as to how to do it.

What if the present moment sucks. How can we stay in it if all we want to do is move on from it?

Before I had kids I thought that having a baby would make me feel complete and when I was told that I couldn’t get pregnant I didn’t know how I’d ever feel truly happy.

So, in an effort to sort out my sh**, I took off to Peru.  

I was searching for the thing that would give me the same happiness that I figured motherhood would.  

But guess what – it wasn’t out there…. in fact, that “thing” doesn’t exist because:

our capacity for happiness has nothing to do with our external experiences.

You can get all you want, make all the money you desire, marry the hottie, have the kids, lose the tummy, tighten the ass and still feel like crap.

In fact, when I ended up getting pregnant in Peru (yup that happened) followed by two more pregnancies in 3 years and two post divorce bonus kids I’ve got to say that this did not bring me the mothering bliss I thought it would – go figure.

What then causes your happiness?

Well … you do!

If your thoughts cause your feelings – which they do

And your circumstances are neutral which they are

You, at this present moment have the capacity to feel the most happiness you will ever feel.  

Yup! Right now is the best it will ever get.  

I love this quote by Mateo Tabatabi

“Plan dream and organize all you want. Just don’t start believing that what you have planned for the future is going to be any better than your current moment. You are going to be in the present moment your entire life and if you are focusing on how good the future is going to be your just running on the hamster wheel hoping to get somewhere”.

“You are going to be in the present your entire life”

When I first let this truth sink in it was like a big ol’ slap in the forehead.  

Ok, yes I know that you have experienced feeling happier when you’ve gotten the thing or achieved the goal. But the only reason this happened is because you gave yourself permission to feel happy.

What if you gave yourself permission to feel it all right now?

This doesn’t mean that you can’t plan and dream and make goals but what it does mean is that you make them from a place of abundance and this always starts with wanting what you already have.

When you do this you can feel all the feelings you desire now while creating the life you’re wanting and choosing not to think that you will feel happier or more satisfied when you get it.  

Ok, I’m getting a little deep here and when I start really thinking about all of this my head starts to spin.  

But I LOVE this stuff and truly believe it’s the key to the universe.

I’m going to leave you with one more quote by Mateo Tabatabi

Being aware of the present moment simply means you never believe the illusion that the future is going to be better than what is going on right now.

Man I love this stuff!

With love and hugs

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