Friendship – A Key Ingredient to Your Best Life

So, how’s your social life?  

Seriously, how’s it really?

You were born with a strong biological need for connection and when your busyness takes priority over your friendships shit can hit the fan – big time!

Here’s the truth – when it comes to wellbeing you can’t create it alone and unfortunately we are becoming more and more isolated every day.  

– Sure you have friends.

You may meet other moms on the soccer field, chat after the gym and you might even get invited to the occasional girls’ night out.

This is all good – but it’s not enough.  

When it comes down to it most women feel isolated.

In our society it’s easy to maintain shallow relationships but it’s the deep ones that matter most and those are also the ones many struggle to foster.  

We put our best foot forward, plaster a smile on our face, throw our hair up in a mom bun and go throughout our days wishing we felt as happy as our friend Suzy appears to be on Facebook.

Yet, what we really need is to reach out to Suzy and ask her “how are you really?”

When we choose to let our guard down and be real and transparent it creates the space for others to as well.

This space feels safe and when a woman feels safe it really helps her shinehurray for sparkle!

Too often we go to social media, food, over exercising etc. in desperation to distract from our feelings when what we really need is a down to earth heart to heart with a trusted friend.

When we feel safe and open up our feelings are allowed to run through us – rather than become stagnant, stuck and downright poisonous.

Remember – The only way out of an emotion is through it and it’s so much easier to go through it with others rather than alone.


So here’s my challenge for you:

Set up a weekly date for you and a trusted friend. This can be face to face or on the screen – but the key to remember is to go with the intention of true connection.

Share your heart, be as real and vulnerable as you can muster and go with the intention about creating the space for her to do so as well.

Remember, when it comes to friendship it’s all about quality over quantity so even as busy as you are you can do this – you need to do this.


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