The It Tastes Like Freedom Podcast

Non-diet nutritionist, embodiment & mindset coach, Chanci Dawn, went from selling weight-loss shakes for a living to devoting her life to setting herself, and other women, free from their constant struggle with food and allowing the size of their thighs to determine their worth.

Listen in as Chanci and her guests share inspiring insights, revealing stories and simple strategies that’ll help you transform your relationship with food and your body in the most nurturing, free and loving way possible - through embodied eating.

Chanci’s vision is that the raw, no-hold-back, girlfriend kind of convos will inspire and equip you to harness all the misspent time, energy and money on dieting and focus instead on living a life that you adore in a body that feels like home.

It’s time to eliminate the shame and stigma around emotional eating and to begin to see it as the opportunity it is! The opportunity to go deeper and get honest with yourself about what you’re really hungry for. Join Chanci as she helps to clear the misconceptions around emotional eating so you can move towards freedom, feel your best and live the life you truly deserve!
As you’re doing the work to heal your relationship with food and your body you will inevitably encounter circumstances that feel overwhelming. Ones that crush your heart and feel like they’ve set you back big time on your path to healing. For many women having a partner who looks at porn can be one of these things.
HEALTHY - This word is everywhere and if you pay close attention it usually has to do with losing weight or being thin. This is diet culture’s marketing at its finest and has the potential to create a lot of distrust in one’s body, massive confusion and encourages unhealthy practices in the pursuit of weight loss.
Growing up surrounded by fat phobic messages and the diet culture’s lies is HARD! Join Chanci and her teen daughter, Celeste, as they chat about Celeste’s personal experiences with her own food struggles, how she found freedom and how she now lives intentionally choosing what’s right for her over society’s lies.
It’s guaranteed that you’ll experience setbacks in your journey of Embodied Eating that’ll make you feel like you want to scream “screw it!” It sucks but can’t be avoided so let’s make sure you’re equipped!
Have you ever thought “How in the heck am I ever going to love my body when I really don’t even like her?” Trust me, this is a question I (Chanci) hear all the time. We are inundated with messages of body love and positivity and so many women feel crappy about not “getting there”. Enter in RESPECT! For me personally, this was exactly what I needed to shift to in my own journey to body confidence and I was thrilled when I saw that Paula was teaching the exact same message! So get ready to feel comforted, seen and incredibly encouraged as you listen to our convo about what it really takes to grow a loving relationship with your body.