The way you do food is the way you do life.

The coaching, course and support you need to build a wildly free and loving relationship with food and your body

I see you. I know you... because I am you.

You've deprived, restricted, denied and will-powered yourself to lose weight so often that it feels like second nature. For a time this works, but inevitably you regain the weight and are left feeling like a failure.

• You're exhausted from the endless battle with food and your self-image but struggle to trust your body and are terrified of losing control, gaining weight and feeling even more defeated.

• You're done with feeling like your worth is determined by the size of your thighs and you're ready to take back your power but the messages of society are screaming so loudly that it's hard to believe that food freedom and body love are possible for you.

• You're tired of the struggle and want to learn how to feel free, at ease and healthy in a body that feels like your friend.

• You want someone who's been there, to link arms with, and support you towards food and body freedom. (♥ That's why I'm here.)

I've created the exact experience I wish I'd had on my own healing journey and I'm bursting with excitement to share it with you!

You were not born to spend your life

trying to shrink away into some ideal

that was definitely not set by your soul

What does your soul desire?

When your brain is freed from obsessing about food and your body what will you think about?

Where will your energy go?

What brings you joy, pleasure, purpose and love?

YES! Let's create more of that, please.

When a woman makes peace with food and her body her mind, body and spirit are liberated to support her most fulfilling and purposeful life.

You deserve this.

I want this for you.

By Joining It Tastes Like Freedom you'll receive the support, education, and coaching you need to finally learn how to deeply trust yourself.

You'll build an unbreakable bond with your body, you'll learn how to deeply nourish, move and nurture her in the most serving ways and together you'll thrive!

What the Food & Body Freedom Program offers you

6 Months devoted to healing your relationship with food and your body including:

• 3 monthly 60-minute 1-1 coaching sessions with Chanci

• The It Tastes Like Freedom online 7 Module course

• Unlimited email or text support in between sessions

A Powerful Blend of Health, Mindset & Embodiment Coaching



Welcome! let's dig In! (1)

Coaching with Chanci

The way we do food is the way we do life. These calls are open to whatever is coming up for you around food, your body or anything else under the sun! Work, sex, relationships, kids ... pain from your past. It's all relevant and it all matters ~ let's coach!

We'll meet three times a month for 60-minutes on Zoom. 


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It Tastes Like Freedom's Online Course.

Your brain holds the knowledge while your body holds the wisdom. Welcome to your classroom! It's here that you'll learn all of the knowledge and tools you'll need to start connecting to and honouring your own body's wisdom. Hello Freedom!

Chanci personally teaches every module, there are beautiful visuals to help keep you focused, and everything taught is through the lens of application and integration into your everyday life ... because this is how true change happens.

Daily Support

Welcome! let's dig In!

Daily Support as Needed.

You are not an island and deserve daily support as you heal. As you implement what you are learning you may encounter challenges that are best supported in real time. This will be done, with Chanci, through text or email.