Ask Yourself These Questions ~ and watch your life soar!

Nine years ago, when I started building my home-based business, I felt considerably overwhelmed.  

Thoughts like

why is this so hard?” and

why am I not growing as fast as ‘she’ is?

Would constantly fill my mind.

At the time I blamed my business for my feelings and was convinced that anyone would feel how I did if they were dealing with all that I was. 

Then, I had a wake up call.

I hired a coach who showed me all the results that I was creating in my life through the thoughts that I was thinking … which was everything.

She taught me how to ask myself quality questions which led me to understand that:

Asking high quality, empowering questions gives you life-changing answers causing your brain to become aware of, and focus on, exactly what needs to happen to make your dreams a reality.

The truth is that most people are creating their realities by thinking thoughts that they have no idea they’re even thinking.

I love explaining this and seeing my client’s lives change in just a few coaching sessions.

To start, the first question I have my clients explore is:

What am I thinking?

This one question will bring such a tremendous amount of awareness into your life that you’ll begin to blow your own mind.

To help with this I have my clients do what’s called a thought download. To do this take a blank piece of paper and for 10 min write all the thoughts that come up.  

Don’t filter them … just write.

From there, pick out your key thoughts and ask yourself the next question which is:

Why am I choosing to think this?

This question gives the responsibility of what you’re thinking back to you.

You have agency over every thought you think so empower yourself by choosing your thoughts and making sure that you like your reasons for thinking them.

How does this thought make me feel?

Is the next question to ask yourself.

Now please understand that sometimes you may choose to feel bad – and that’s ok.

As a human you’re meant to experience a whole realm of emotions. Just make sure that you understand, and take owndership for, what you’re choosing to think and know that your feelings are a choice.

For me, when I was feeling overwhelmed the thought that “it’s hard to build a biz with three kids in tow, and an unsupportive husband” was the truth.  

Yet, when I dropped that thought my entire business shifted and what used to feel overwhelming now felt totally manageable.

Finally, here’s one more question that you would do well to ask yourself:

What’s the thought that’s causing the way I feel right now?

Sometimes we feel like junk and don’t know why.

Doing a thought download will reveal what thought is creating your emotion – and from there you can choose if you want to keep thinking it or upgrade it to one that serves you better.

You have an amazing source of wisdom inside of you that can only be accessed by asking yourself high quality questions.  

Awareness is key and as you practice being mindful of your thoughts you’ll see that you can create whatever life you desire.

To help you get started I’ve created a one page pdf worksheet of the 4 key questions above.

Please print this out and use it to start asking yourself high quality questions.

Download Pdf Here – 4 Questions That Will Change Your Life

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