How to Achieve Any Goal


You make them.

You break them.

You feel like a failure.

I’ve been there, I get it and I know exactly what to do to help you finally keep your promises to yourself.

First, let’s chat about what the problem actually is.  

The truth is that it’s not you, you’re not weak or a failure and you are totally capable of creating anything you desire in your life – guaranteed!  

But here’s the thing – humans really love to be rewarded.  We get gold stars in school, pats on the back, praise and recognition.

With this deep conditioning it’s really difficult to keep going for new goals when the results come so slowly.  

However, you can change that!

You deserve to achieve your goals and feel excited about making them.  


And here’s a life changing tool to help you do just that!

It’s called The Minimum Baseline

The minimum baseline is the the least amount of anything that you’re willing to do. Like brushing your teeth two times a day for example.

We all naturally have these minimums built-in and they are what become our habits.

So, how can this help you achieve your goals?

Well, take exercise for example.  If you currently don’t exercise then you need to create a minimum baseline for yourself that you will do no matter what.

Here’s the key – keep it super small at first with the intention of your actions being 100% about honouring your commitment to yourself as opposed to making it about the results you’re hoping to achieve.

The base minimum is all about starting to think of yourself as someone who exercises (and who keeps her promises to herself) – not to suddenly become a two times a day gym goer.

This simple switch from doing it because you’re committed to honouring your promise is the key to why this tool works so well.

It’s about doing it for you rather than for what it will do for you – see the difference?

Starting with 3-5 min of exercise 3 days a week might actually seem laughable but remember – it’s not about the result.  If you haven’t exercised this commitment will be huge in starting to define yourself as an exerciser.

And if you are an exerciser and are looking to up your game you can create whatever minimum baseline you want – just make sure it’s radically simple, ignore your brains chatter and be proud of yourself for keeping your word!

You’ll know that it’s time to raise your min baseline when the initial one becomes a habit and as you continue to honour your commitment you can increase your baseline accordingly.

Now this is crucial.

If you find yourself not following through on your min baseline then you need to dial it back. It’s too much for you right now and that’s ok – you’ll get there as you continue to show up for yourself time and time again.  

Remember, there’s no shame and as you continue to honour your word to yourself you’ll find that the relationship you’re building with you will impact other areas as well.  

With this tool you are seriously unstoppable!

So go get it! Be your own best friend in learning how to keep your own word to yourself.

I’m here to support you all the way.

For starters make sure to grab your free guide below as it will totally help you when your brain starts to chatter.


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