Set Yourself Free Through Embodied Eating

“My willpower sucks!”

“I have no self control!”

Sound familiar? 

It definitely does to me.

Time and time again I’d start a new diet or program or even just swear off bread for a month only to find myself back in the pantry eating all the things I promised myself I wouldn’t – almost like I was eating behind my own back!

This rollercoaster left me feeling like a constant failure. 

I thought something was wrong with me – and the more I tried to restrict and willpower my body to some ideal the more my self-esteem tanked. 

This left me feeling trapped in a body that I hated and ruled by a brain that felt unmanageable.

The last diet I ever went on (that was marketed as non-diet) had me eliminate all flour and sugar as well as pre-plan my weekly meals.

The idea was if I planned ahead of time the only thing I had to do was “manage my mind” to stick to my plan… and since I was mindset coach I figured that it would be easy! 

Boy was I wrong. 

Once again I just couldn’t mind-manage myself to stay on my program and quickly reverted back to willpower and ultimately failing … again. 

I felt like giving up, telling myself that I didn’t care anymore.

But then I had an epiphany that changed the way I viewed myself, food and ultimately – my entire life! 

My struggle with food and my body was NOT a willpower problem 

 It was a relationship problem.

Here’s the thing.

I was treating my body like some of my crappy ex boyfriends treated me! 

Never asking her what SHE wants, ignoring her desires and making decisions for her without even considering the fact that she just might have an opinion on the matter.

And as soon as I started seeing my body as a living, breathing being that knows exactly what she needs to thrive everything started to change!

The sad truth is that, like me, most women have been conditioned to disconnect from their bodies and to see them as something to shrink and control rather than to honour, respect and love. 

As a result we don’t feel safe in our own skin and are becoming more and more disconnected from our bodies’ deep wisdom, desire to communicate with us and need for pleasure.

In pursuit of answers we look outside of ourselves to diets and programs to show us how and what to eat. Then we numb out further as we willpower ourselves to stay ‘on track’.

Yet, in all of this your body is still there yearning to connect with you  – she desires to be heard and seen. 

She deserves to be heard and seen! 

We live in a society that disempowers women by teaching us that our value is tied to the way we look.

The only way to break free from this lie is to learn how to connect with your body.

To nurture and build a deep, safe and intimate relationship with yourself. A relationship that cultivates your self-worth, builds trust in your body’s wisdom and that reclaims your value!

This is how you take back your power!

Now, like any relationship this takes work, intention and focus.

Most of us are used to feeling pretty crappy or numb most of the time and as such can settle into this mediocrity without really questioning or searching for more. 

However, the yummy news is that once you know what’s available to you you can learn how to fall in love with yourself and reclaim your birthright to experience all of life’s beauty in a body that feels like home.

Helping women heal and build their relationships with their bodies (and its relationship with food) is my super power! 

I have lived this.

I know exactly how it feels to numb out, judge my self-worth by the size of my jeans and look to food plans to rescue me. 

And, I also know how it feels to eat, move and ultimately live in ways that honour, nourish and satisfy my need for pleasure and to feel radiantly alive! 

Your body is yearning to show you exactly what she needs to thrive. 

She wants so badly to feel valued and loved by you.

If you’re ready to build the most precious relationship you’ll ever know. 

If you want to finally feel free, confident and like you’re living the life you desire, please click here and book your free 1hr chat with me.

I’d love to set aside time for you where we’ll talk all about your relationship with your body and food and what’s possible for you!

I’ve created the exact program that I wish I’d had when I was navigating my own path to body love and food freedom.

It’s called It Tastes Like Freedom and together we’ll decided if it’s the best next step for you. 

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