What Makes You Feel Amazing? Do More of That | Ep.41

Let’s replace the weeds that keep you stuck in the diet mentality (see episode 40) with seeds that’ll help you grow more freedom, joy and pleasure in your life! In this episode Chanci dives into some key things that have helped her, and her clients, on their journey towards food and body freedom.

About the Host:

Chanci Dawn is a non-diet certified nutritionist, mindset and embodiment coach whose soul’s purpose is to help women create the most wildly free and loving relationship with food and their bodies. After over 30 years of dieting and recovering from her own eating disorder Chanci is determined to help women find the same freedom she has through embodied eating and pleasurable living. Chanci believes that when you fall madly in love with yourself you’ll have the power to change your world and from there you can change the world around you making embodied eating a deep and powerful form of activism! 

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Chanci Dawn:

This show is about freedom. Freedom from your constant struggle with food and letting the size of your thighs determine your worth. Join me weekly for no whole fat, unfiltered girlfriend kind of conversations that will inspire, teach and empower you. As we tune into our own body's wisdom and tune out of the diet industry lives, we can live our most radiant, pleasurable and fulfilled lives. My name is Chanci dawn. I'm a non diet nutritionist embodiment and mindset coach. But most importantly, I'm a woman on a mission to grow a deeply connected and conscious relationship with food and my body. And I'm here inviting you to do the same. Let's go.

Chanci Dawn:

Hello, you beautiful soul, you thank you so much for joining me today. Super, super happy are here. And today we're gonna be diving in to pleasure, what makes you feel good, what really keeps you on that track of freedom, do more of that. So last week, we dove into the importance of really creating the ideal ecology for growth, you are a garden. And we want to create the best soil, we want to be able to pull out those weeds, pull out those really not serving thoughts, write all the things in your environment that really keep you trapped. And in comparing despair and going back into that diet mentality, that diet cycle. And in other areas of your life. Remember this, the way you do food is the way you do life. Okay, so I just chose to really support women on their journey towards healing the relationship with food in their body so that they can feel free. The reason really, that this niche appeals to me why I'm so passionate about this is because it's my own journey. I went right if you've listened to my first few episodes, I tell my story. I've gone from complete, complete utter chaos, caught up in the diet industry. disordered eating, I really found myself in an eating disorder I didn't even realize I had. And then I sold diet products for a living and I did really well at it. So this isn't just like, oh, yeah, blah, blah, blah, this is a great little thing to do. I have experienced such transformation in my own life, it has changed everything for me absolute game changer. And this is why now I'm so so passionate about helping you. But this stuff that we learn here, when you come to this podcast, and you listen to these discussions, and you learn the tools, it can actually translate to any area of your life. So look at this right now, like we're gonna be talking about this and your relationship with food and your body. But this could be like, your relationship to wine, your relationship to smoking your relationship to online shopping, right? Like whatever it is in your life, that is holding you back from total freedom, from total joy from total pleasure, and really holding you back from like diving into living life at its fullest. Let's investigate that. Today, we are going to be talking about how to replace those weeds with seeds. I'm so cheesy, but I like that replace the weeds with seeds. That's hilarious. Okay, so when we're replacing these weeds with the seeds, what we first want to do is take up the weeds. So that was last episode, if you haven't listened to it, go back, go back and dive in. And really put it into practice. So it's one thing to listen to it. And it's, you know, one thing to be like, oh, yeah, I get it. That makes sense. And then it's a whole other thing to go right now I'm going to take action on this because I deserve this. I desire freedom. I want to feel fully alive. And I am going to remove these weeds from my life. So go back, take action. And then listen to this, we are going to talk about these beautiful seeds of pleasure, these little drops of pleasure that you get to incorporate into your life. We're going to be planting this into our garden, creating the ideal ecology for freedom and growth and joy and pleasure so that you have more time in your life for all the juicy stuff. This truly is a radical form of self care. So let's dive in. So just so you know, I'm actually going to be going through the list that I went through last week. And then we're not going to dive into what get what to get rid of and how but we're just going to talk about that briefly and then dive into the sea Do you want to plant so let's start with the old clothes. So instead of these old clothes that are not serving you anymore, we want to fill our closet. Fill our wardrobe with clothes that number one fit you. It seems like obviously, common sense. But my gosh, when you are so caught up in the diet mentality, right? We hold on to these clothes that don't fit us. Or we hold on to things that might be frumpy, right? Like, just get rid of that shit. Get rid of it. Buy clothes that fit. buy clothes that make you feel comfortable, right, sexy ones that you feel good in. So we don't just want them to fit. We want to be like, put them on and be like, Yeah, this really suits me. Play around with this. Get to know your style. What do you feel like great in when you go different places? How do you love to dress like for example, if I'm going to the farmers market, I will dress differently than I will if I'm going to work right to the retreat center I work at and it's fun, make dressing playful again. And this is another way to really learn how to honor and respect your body. You might not be at the lovin love her place. That is okay, hon, we are taking one small baby step at a time and learning what your style is learning what makes you feel good. And dressing her accordingly is a real testament to respect as you're dressing. It's like thank you body. Wow, thank you for carrying me through this life. Thank you for being this vessel that I get to experience this human experience through. So cool. Thank you so much. Now let's have fun together. What color would feel great today. So like that is great. And there's a lot of stylists out there that you can hire if that's within your means. I've never done it. But my gosh, that would be fun. Right? Just to kind of like, play around a little bit more. Have fun with this clothes are supposed to be fun. They're like the icing on the cake. This is really important. Buy some freaking sexy underwear. Okay, we do not want to be wearing our period underwear every single day. Even though it can be very cozy, but no, buy sexy underwear just for you. Even if no one will ever see them. And start small if this feels intimidating to you. That's absolutely okay. Right, like, just start where you are. And question what would actually make me feel really good here. I love sexy underwear. Hanky Panky, those panties are really great. Not giving this a plug. Obviously I'm not sponsored by them. But I really liked them. They hold up they wash well, and they're they're sexy. So definitely check that out. If it's something that you're not already aware of wrap your body in pleasure. She deserves it, you deserve it. Okay, number two diet journals. We talked about why we want to get rid of these. Now what can you replace it with? I really think journals full of gratitude is one of the best things that we can replace this with. It still so many studies have shown right that when we are in gratitude, when we purposely bring our focus to what's right to what we're grateful for our mood lifts, we instantly start seeing that silver lining so to speak, what you focus on expands. So when we focus on gratitude, that will expand we'll start to see more in our life. More gratitude, more gratitude, overflowing of gratitude. Who wouldn't want that? And again, this is not bypassing, we definitely want to feel the heart right. But like in the heart, there's still so much to be grateful for. There's so so much. And I recommend that you start your gratitude gratitude journal with a thank you note to your body. Just try that on for size. How does that feel to you? i When I wrote my first thank you note to my body, oh my goodness, like it was actually really, really emotional for me. And I thanked her for carrying me through so much of the dieting abuse that I put her through. It was like this beautiful reconciliation. I really felt like she felt heard. Okay, so consider this for yourself. Gratitude. What would feel good? Let's replace the focus on I'm not good enough. I have to be a certain size to feel great to be valuable. Blah, blah, blah, lies, lies, lies. Fill it up with like, Yeah, wow. Thank you for this human experience. I'm alive. I'm in this great vessel that's carrying me through. Let's go. Number three diet books and diet cookbooks, get rid of them and replace them with pleasure. So think about this, like, you take out all those diet cookbooks, those diet books, and you fill this space with the books from different types of cuisine, right? Different countries things you want to try out books that just look beautiful to you. Once that, like when you when you open them, you're like, Oh, my goodness, this feels good. Food is a gift. Food is supposed to be pleasurable. And when we really dive into this, our body response, right, we actually don't need as much when we're really really filling our bodies with food that lights us up. And if you don't cook, if this is not something you're into, consider perhaps taking cooking lessons, I really invite you, I encourage you to play in the kitchen. There's no such thing as a human who's actually not able to cook, okay, you can, it just might take some experimenting, it might take, you know, some time to learn, but get playful with it. Okay, the next one is vision boards. So we talked about, like, if you have images on your vision board that really bring you back into this, like, I need to be that or I'm not enough mentality, right? That diet mentality, get rid of it. And what I invite you to do is to fill your vision board up with images that really help to elicit that feeling that you're desiring. So freedom, for example, that's a big one. That's a big one here on this podcast,

Chanci Dawn:

it's named after freedom, my goodness sakes. So what makes you feel free? When you think of things to do, right things to see things to like, really immerse yourself in what creates the sense of freedom for you put that stuff on there. So you can be like, yeah, oh, my gosh, when I run, I feel so good in my body, put some running shoes on there, put some beautiful pictures of trails, write things that really, really speak to you, in your relationship to this great movement that you love to do for yourself. If you're not a runner. Think about what does feel pleasurable to you, when it comes to movement and your body. Put that up there without the images of some sort of ideal body, that your brain that brought brain might still think she needs to do this in order to achieve, take that part out of it. We just want to focus on the pleasure and focus on all the beautiful ways that pleasurable movement makes you feel. So think about that in all the different categories, right? Everything that you're putting on your vision board, ask yourself, Why am I putting this what? What is it that I think I will feel when I achieve this when I'm doing this? And always check back with that North Star? Right, these values that you're holding dear? Do they align? If they do put it on? If they don't get curious, why am I still tempted to do this, there's no judgement here, every single thing we do every thought is just an opportunity to get curious and to learn to love ourselves more. Next, foods that trigger. Again, if you have been caught up in the diet mentality, you probably have some foods that are really aligned like correlated right with the different diets. So if you like lived off of avocados, and doing the keto diet, maybe you don't want to buy avocados for a while just to be able to really retrain these patterns, right? These patterns in your brain. So you might want to fill it up with new delights. One of the things that I really encourage you to do, and when I do this, it's so fun. I haven't done it in a while. But after this podcast, I think that this is definitely something I want to incorporate. Again, buy a new vegetable, every week, something that you haven't tried yet, or buy one that you haven't tried in a while and then go online or in any of these beautiful cookbooks you can have in your kitchen, find new recipes to try them out. When I used to really like not love brussel sprouts. And then I'm like, You know what, I'm just gonna buy these and get curious. So I did this beautiful Brussel sprout roast with I roasted them in my oven with cumin. And I put bacon in there and I think some cranberries. Holy man. I now frickin crave brussels sprouts. Okay, so you have no idea what delights are out there. Think about pleasure, think about joy, all of that playfulness that you get to bring into your kitchen. Do that also when you are shopping. What new ingredients can I use today? What is something that's so foreign to me but I think this could be fun. Try it out. You will be shocked at the things that you will learn and there's you're not going to Have everything and that's okay to have fun with it. So the next one is social media accounts. So we talked about an unknown, defying all the diet stuff that's out there, if there's images that are triggering, if you used to follow accounts about, you know, certain like, exercise gurus or whatever, just, if they don't bring pleasure, if they get your you into that, compare and despair, or again, that diet mentality, or whatever it is, get rid of it. Now, what should you replace it with? You don't have to, first of all, you can just like have pictures of your family. Alright, stuff that's popping up there of your friend. But it's also really fun. q2, curator feeds, what is it that we're wanting to put into our brain, the inputs that we purposefully seek out and allow? I recently went, and I followed a lot of hashtags about dogs. I recently got my new puppy, as you know, Tucker, and I just love him so much. And he brings me so much joy. I'm like, I want more of that in my social media feed. So I always unfollow anything and you know, to do with any sort of diet stuff. And I also definitely report any ads come in my way. That's another thing that we talked about right? Reporting ads, getting those off your feet. So now what do you want to bring in, bring in beauty bring in things that make you feel good. So dogs for me totally do when I go onto Instagram? It's just like, full of these hilarious reels about dogs, right? These images of like cute dogs. And I just feel great. When I look at that. That really fills me up. So get out there and follow the hashtags that bring you pleasure, unfollow anything that doesn't. Now let's talk about those ads. These are things in your environment that people are purposefully paying for you to see, they're purposely paying for it to go in front of you because you fit a certain demographic. So we need to retrain the algorithm, what do we actually want to see you if you're on social media, you are going to see ads, it's just the way it is when you report the ones you don't want to see. And then you purposefully look at things and kind of linger on stuff that brings you joy and pleasure, you will be shown more of that. So that is one thing to do there. Replace it on purpose by reporting and then focusing on dogs. I get so many ads for like dog food now. And like treatments for yeast. It's so funny. I'm like, well, that's not really what I'm interested in. But it's so much better than stupid diet ads. Trust me, it's so much better doesn't trigger me at all. And other than that, let's think about like in your environment off social media, you're getting rid of what you don't love, you get rid of what doesn't serve you and you fill it with little drops of pleasure everywhere. So think, oh, what brings me joy. What feels so good, what feels soul nourishing? I love things like beeswax candles. I always have a beeswax candle burning when I'm doing a podcast when it's here right now. Or when I'm in my kitchen cooking. I just love the ambiance it creates feels so good to me. And they're a little expensive, right? Like they're costly. So it's like it's a treat, and you are worth it. So what else can you think of in your environment that you are worth having? Another thing is like special napkins or utensils or a beautiful mug. What do you eat your food out of? Does it bring you pleasure? Or is it just like Oh yeah, okay, here's your plate that you got, you know, from Walmart when you're in college. That was me. So I actually replaced all my Walmart place from in college. And I brought out my China from my marriage. I'm no longer married. And I have this like gorgeous China that my mom bought me. And it's not like the floral China that I don't know, I don't really like that. It's just beautiful, plain white with like this silver lining to it. It's classy, it's gorgeous. When I use it, I feel elegant. So I filled up my cupboards with my wedding China, we celebrate every day use the good stuff now. This is my experience. Now ask yourself what works well for you? What would fill your soul what would bring more pleasure into your life do more of that. These are the seeds who pulled out the weeds plant all of these seeds. And this This list is not exhaustive. I mean there's so many more different things you can do. And just personnel you are an individual so there might be things in your environment that I'm not even knowing right I don't even I'm not aware of and you are so get rid of that and then bring in plant the seeds replace level up you are worth Yet another thing I forgot people. That's the last one I actually didn't didn't talk about this, when we're talking about friends who are really deep into that diet mentality still or relatives that are whatever, we want to love them, right? Meet it with compassion, and start to like, bring in more people online, right? Meet people online at different groups, and other friends who are like minded, who you could be like, Yeah, this is what this is the path I'm on. And we can support each other. What a better way right to build a friendship than like on a common ground of freedom and love, and feeling fully alive. And really diving into this life together. I have a friend Tracy, who I've known for quite a while pre children. And my gosh, I just love hanging out with her because we're so aligned in our thoughts and the way we approach life. Spend more time with people like that. Spend more time with people that fill you up. And if this friend of yours is not already listening to this podcast, please share it with her. Thank you so much. Please leave a rating and a review. If you love it. If you don't, that's okay. But if you do, please, please go on to iTunes and leave a rating and review because it'll bump this up in the algorithm so more women will be able to hear this message that is so important to know. I love you have a beautiful day. We'll talk to you next week.

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