Heal Your Relationship With Food To Heal Your Life! | Ep.26

When you heal your relationship with food and your body everything will shift! You’ll start showing up for yourself like never before! When you embody your deep sense of self-worth and value you’ll learn how to have your own back in the most powerful way! In this episode, Chanci shares about a circumstance that she is currently dealing with and how she is self-advocating for herself in a way that is blowing her own mind! Her prayer is that by sharing her story you will feel inspired to do the same! 

About the Host:

Chanci Dawn is a non-diet certified nutritionist, mindset and embodiment coach whose soul’s purpose is to help women create the most wildly free and loving relationship with food and their bodies. After over 30 years of dieting and recovering from her own eating disorder Chanci is determined to help women find the same freedom she has through embodied eating and pleasurable living. Chanci believes that when you fall madly in love with yourself you’ll have the power to change your world and from there you can change the world around you making embodied eating a deep and powerful form of activism! 

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Chanci Dawn:

This show is about freedom. Freedom from your constant struggle with food and letting the size of your thighs determine your worth. Join me weekly for no hope back unfiltered girlfriend kind of conversations that will inspire, teach and empower you. As we tune into our own body's wisdom and tune out of the diet industry blinds, we can live our most radiant, pleasurable and fulfilled lives. My name is Chanci Dawn. I'm a non diet nutritionist embodiment and mindset coach. But most importantly, I'm a woman on a mission to grow a deeply connected and conscious relationship with food and my body. And I'm here inviting you to do the same. Let's go.

Chanci Dawn:

Hello, darling listener, welcome to today's show. So today is an interesting show. Because I'm just doing this on a whim, I hadn't planned this, I have no show notes. I was just brushing my teeth this morning and thinking about a circumstance that I'm currently going through. And I just thought, Wow, this could this holds a lot of lessons, a lot of growth for me. And I really think that you would benefit from me just sharing what's going on. So here's the thing, when you start healing your relationship with food and your body, you are going to really find that there's a lot of shifts in your life, that there's a lot of different things coming up for you, that you would have responded actually reacted to differently in the past, when there was this feeling of not enough and trying to keep up with, you know, society's ridiculous expectations of what you should look like. So when you have this deep sense of self worth and deep sense of value, you're going to notice shifts everywhere. And I love the saying like the way you do food is the way you do life. I don't remember where I heard it before, years and years ago. But it really stuck with me because it's very, very true. When we're so wrapped up in trying to control and you know, willpower, ourselves and all of these different things that we do to try to shrink ourselves to feel like we are worthy to feel like we're enough to feel like we're acceptable. What happens is that you start shrinking in life, you start holding yourself back, you don't speak your truth so much. This is I think, actually coming into talking about the patriarchy. I think this is why I think that this is really at the ground at the basis of diet culture, it's to keep us playing small. Because if we're really, really focused, if we're focused on trying to shrink ourselves, and counting calories, or macros, or carbs, or whatever the heck it is, that our focus is on that. And it's not on the things that matter, right? It's not on advocating for ourselves, it's not on creating the passions, right? Bringing the passions that we have in life forward for other people. It just makes us again, play small, I think that's the best description of it. So when you heal this relationship, you start to play big. What I find for myself and my clients is that all of a sudden, you start to like, it's like you woke up, it's like the veil has been lifted, and you start to see things differently. And instead of reacting, you start to respond, right? We start to look at our thoughts and our feelings and how it's affecting our actions and getting us the results we want. Or we we are and then we get to question that what are the results I really want in my life? How do I have to act to get this? How do I have to feel? And how do I have to think and we embody this, right? Remember, we've talked about this before? That is very important. We don't just want to be like think think think all these positive thoughts or you know, things that actually we're not truly believing because your body knows she feels the truth. So when we start to really embody the truth of our value, the truth of our worthiness, the truth that our voice matters, our passions matter. What we are bringing out into this world matters when we start to deeply embody this. You will notice shifts that are amazing. Some of them are small, some of them are big. Some of them will be like Well, obviously, and some of them are really going to surprise you. So a shift happened for me in this last cup In the last couple of days, that has surprised me. And it's to do with a person who was very close to me at one point, I'm not going to name this person's name, obviously. But the background that you need to know is we were very close. And then we weren't, we decided not to be, and we're still having to interact. And I really feel I was sorry, I really felt fear in this relationship with this person. I was crippled by it. I held myself back. I didn't speak up, I didn't speak my truth. i People pleased this person to keep them happy thinking then that they would treat me right. Thinking then that they would show up in a way that I thought was integral. Right. So there was some my manual in here for sure this rule book that I think people should act and behave, and respectfully treat other people. So there's some of the things in there that Yeah, I had to turn back and ask myself, like, is this true? And if I didn't believe this, who would I be? How would I be showing up. But there's also a lot of boundary stuff that I let slide, because I wasn't in myself as deeply in the self worth, as I am now. I just let it slide. Because I was afraid, I was afraid to speak my truth. I was afraid to actually really when it came down to it, I was afraid to feel uncomfortable. I was afraid of the pain behind. When I actually stood up for myself. When I set boundaries, when I would speak the truth. I was terrified of that at the repercussions. And then what happened is I healed my relationship with food in my body. And just like I just said, Everything started shifting. And in the last week, something profound happened. I stood up to this person in a way that I never could have before. I spoke my truth in a very, like self assured self advocating way. Really proud of myself for this. And I did it without even realizing that this was happening. It felt natural for me, which is crazy, because it's like 20 years of hiding 20 years of people pleasing. It felt natural. And it also really, really sucked. I have felt so much pain in this last week, so much discomfort. But when I woke up at 1230 this morning thinking about it. And my stomach was like What have you done, right? I had this like deep like, ooh, anxiety, feeling where my stomach was twisting and turning and I couldn't get comfortable in my bed. And I was just like, ah being, you know, kind of bombarded with all of these brat brain thoughts of oh, crap, you've really mess things up here by sticking up to this person. And then I laid there and I actually gave it to God, I love doing that. Especially when I can't sleep at night. I'm just like, Hey, God, it is yours. What do you have to show me here? And this is source the universe, whatever you call God, but for me, I love that word. God, I've really had to reclaim it back in my life due to this like tremendous church wound, blah, blah, blah, we will talk about that in another podcast. But reclaiming this for me and having this relationship with this beautiful source energy and being like, what do you have to show me here. And as I laid there, it came to me. This is actually growth. The pain I'm feeling is actually something that I purposefully stepped into knowing deep down this deep down assurance is deep down like conviction that what ever comes from, you know the other side, as a result of my actions of sticking up for myself, I can feel it all. The worst that will ever happen is that you're going to have to feel any emotion. That is truth. That is truth. Dear listener, please sink into that. And when you grow your capacity to love and respect yourself and to feel any emotion, when you stop emotional eating, and you allow your body to move through the triggers to move through the traumas to move through the pain. You grow your capacity to feel more on either end, good and painful. It's all neutral really. But when you understand this and you grow your capacity, you know that no matter what comes your way, you have your own back, meaning you can feel whatever comes up for you. So when I was laying in bed this morning thinking about this I It was just flooded with warmth, this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for myself for this work I've done for myself for the, for just choosing me over and over and over even when it's so freakin hard to do so. And knowing that, yeah, I'm in pain, yes, this is tremendously uncomfortable. And that's okay, I am here for it all. Ah, so this is, you know, when we talk about boundary setting, boundaries are really important for us to be able to really show up for ourselves in this world. But there's a difference between setting a boundary meaning like building a wall to protect yourself, like the outside, in, outside is scary, people are gonna hurt me, I need to protect myself, I need to put up this barrier, I need to put up this boundary. So people can't hurt me. That is coming from that place of fear. Okay, that is coming from place of I did, I can't feel this. So I need to protect myself to do this hope this is making sense. I'll probably do another podcast soon on boundaries to go deeper into this. But what we want to do is we want to approach boundary setting from the inside out. And this comes with all this work we're doing on healing our relationships with food and body, it's really healing our relationship with ourselves, with our spirit with our body, with our soul with our mind that brat brain, right taking her out of the cage, stop trying to control her and loving her instead. All of this brings you to the point where you can set boundaries from that inside of I invaluable. I am enough. I deserve love. I deserve peace, right? I deserve joy, all of these. And it starts with creating it for myself, loving myself enough to speak my truth, loving myself enough. And knowing that I can set these boundaries from that inside out from that enough place. It's not trying to protect yourself. It's not keeping the monsters out. It's going, ha, here I am. I am having my own back here. And I'm setting this boundary. Now the key is, other people might not follow it. And that's okay. You decide what you're going to do how you're going to take care of yourself. That's the boundary. It's not trying to control others. So this person in my life, they may who knows what they're going to do, they're threatening a lot, let me tell you that. But whatever comes my way, I know again, that I have my own back. And I will know when it comes what to do. I have the support I need I will reach out for what I need, right? And this is the critical thing. This I have my own back. I am enough. I can feel whatever is coming my way. This work does this, this work sets you free. It's so much more than food. It's so much more than just like down with diet culture. This is when I talk about freedom. This allows you to live the life that you are put on this earth to live, my friend you deserve this. Give this to yourself. Stay connected with me. Please, if you're wanting to get into my group program that I'm launching in a couple of months, get on the waitlist message me I don't have like a sales page. I don't have anything fancy right now, for that. It's just me in the DMS on Instagram. You can also reach me on Facebook. Just do it. Reach out. Let's chat. You deserve freedom. Ha Wow. There we go. I think I'm gonna go for a run in the sun now. Thank you for tuning in. Please share this with someone you know needs to hear it. I love you.

Chanci Dawn:

I honor you. I respect you. You're amazing. Have a beautiful day. Thank you for investing this time into building a nurturing and loving relationship with food and your body. My vision is to create a community of women who desire to taste this freedom to so please pass this episode on to a friend, a sister, a mom or anyone who desires love from the inside out. And if you're feeling extra spicy, please leave me a review on iTunes so we can get this in the hands of women everywhere. See you next time.

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