When your excuses feel more powerful than your desires.

My Eyelashes hurt… My bed is calling me, my work is calling me, I’ve been working SOOO hard that I DESERVE a break! What are the thoughts that you entertain when it comes to not being active? Pleasurable exercise is super  important when it comes to a creating a passionate and purposeful life. It boosts … Read more

Can weight loss really be pleasurable?

Want to lose weight… Here’s a tip…one that just might change your life 😎 – Find pleasure in the food you eat!!! Choose nourishing foods that please the palate as well as your waistline. Be mindful of the food while you eat it. What does it look, smell and taste like. How does it feel in your … Read more

Trina D

I view my first meeting with Chanci, four years ago, as one of the most powerful moments in my life! Since then, I have been empowered, educated and emotionally supported by her, on my journey to live the healthiest life I can. She has an authentic, truthful and unabashedly human approach to her teachings and … Read more