When your excuses feel more powerful than your desires.

My Eyelashes hurt…

My bed is calling me, my work is calling me, I’ve been working SOOO hard that I DESERVE a break!

What are the thoughts that you entertain when it comes to not being active?

Pleasurable exercise is super  important when it comes to a creating a passionate and purposeful life. It boosts your feel amazingly happy hormones, aids in restful sleep, gives you confidence, a better sex life…and yes…it can even help you lose unwanted fat. (These are the core things I personally want out of it…there of course are many many more).


So… how do you get over your sore eyelash excuse? Here’s some tips.

– be honest with yourself about how you want to ultimately feel (this is your why)
– dress for success…put your shoes next to your bed with a little note listing those yummy feelings you want to create!
– find ways to move your body that is fun and pleasurable!

What we feel in the moment often goes against what we ultimately desire in our lives… it’s not always convenient, not always fun and not always easy…but focusing on what you ultimately want to feel instead of how you feel in the moment can make all the difference!