Can weight loss really be pleasurable?

*found on web - no source noted.
*found on internet – no source noted.

Want to lose weight…

Here’s a tip…one that just might change your life 😎 – Find pleasure in the food you eat!!!

Choose nourishing foods that please the palate as well as your waistline. Be mindful of the food while you eat it. What does it look, smell and taste like. How does it feel in your mouth – learn to experience pleasure in the food and the process (can I hear a HECK YA). When you do this your body will 1 – better absorb the life giving nutrients and 2 – metabolize your fuel more efficiently… yup true story. And for the love of all things holy PLEASE don’t eat crappy tasting food in the pursuit of weight loss. That is all about punishment and deprivation … and neither of those are welcome to our party.