Love Notes From Your Future Self | Ep.45

Your future self is living your goals and you can link arms with her as an ally on your embodied eating journey! Listen in to learn practical tools and wisdom to help you support yourself now as you grow to embody the thoughts and feelings that create a free and loving relationship with food and your body.


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Chanci Dawn is a non-diet certified nutritionist, mindset and embodiment coach whose soul’s purpose is to help women create the most wildly free and loving relationship with food and their bodies. After over 30 years of dieting and recovering from her own eating disorder, Chanci is determined to help women find the same freedom she has through embodied eating and pleasurable living. Chanci believes that when you fall madly in love with yourself you’ll have the power to change your world and from there you can change the world around you making embodied eating a deep and powerful form of activism!


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Chanci Dawn:

This show is about freedom. Freedom from your constant struggle with food and letting the size of your thighs determine your worth. Join me weekly for no hope back unfiltered girlfriend kind of conversations that will inspire, teach and empower you. As we tune into our own body's wisdom and tune out of the diet industry blinds, we can live our most radiant, pleasurable and fulfilled lives. My name is Chanci Dawn. I'm a non diet nutritionist embodiment and mindset coach. But most importantly, I'm a woman on a mission to grow a deeply connected and conscious relationship with food and my body. And I'm here inviting you to do the same. Let's go.

Chanci Dawn:

Hello, beautiful soul. Welcome to today's episode, super happy you're here. I have a nice cup of tea next to me, it's rainy outside. Definitely a great west coast the day. So why don't you get a cup of tea or a cup of coffee or whatever fills your boots and sit here with me. And let's have a conversation about our future selves. Before we get into that, though, I do have to apologize. There's some construction happening around my house and not in my house, not on my house. But like the neighbors down the street. And it's kind of loud. But this is really the only time that I've carved out this week to be able to have this conversation with you. So it is what it is. Please excuse all the banging, if you could hear it in the background. So like I said, I'm wanting to chat with you about your future self. Back before Christmas episode 35, I did an episode on really taking care of your future self anticipating your needs to have ahead of time. And then really serving yourself now. And that is such a valuable thing to do like not that tool of taking care of yourself ahead of time. Man, it has served me and it's fun, right? Like I talked about turndown service, just like at a hotel, where they anticipate your needs. And they go that next step, turn down your duvet, maybe there's some chocolates, right, some lavender spray. I love it. And so thinking about our future self, how can you take care of her now. So if you haven't already listened to that episode, go back and listen to it, because I think it's tremendously valuable. And it is in relation to the holidays, right? It was right before Christmas, but it totally applies right now for sure. But today, what I'm wanting to do is instead of taking care of our future self, I wanting to flip it, let's really dive in to how our future self can take care of us now. Okay, stick with me, this might be a little bit like what, but it is really, really such an amazing way to just honor yourself now, as you're growing into who she is.

Chanci Dawn:

So I like to think of my future self as my best friend, right? She She doesn't just get me she is me. Right? She's gone through all of the things that I have gone through. And then she's gone through more to be where she's at right now. She knows the obstacles, she knows all of the different things that you're gonna have to experience in order to grow into the woman that you are growing into. So as we always talk about on this podcast, I don't think you're broken. I don't think that anything about you needs to be fixed. This is just the truth. What I invite you to do instead though, is to go, oh, okay, how can I heal these wounds? Right? They're not broken wounds. They don't need to be fixed wounds. They're just these wounds that we have in the shadow self that we get to bring into the light, and we get to heal and we get to love on ourselves so that we can move more and more towards our wholeness, right, you already are whole. And we just need to recognize that and move towards it with intention every single day. So when I talk about healing your relationship with food in your body, again, it's not that it's broken. Sometimes we just have forgotten, right? We've forgotten our divinity. We've forgotten how amazing this vessel is that we get to spend this earthly experience in. There's so much conditioning around, that has created these lies that we actually believe about ourselves. So it's coming back to the truth of who we are, who we really, really are and owning that. That is our wholeness. And then and looking at food, how do we actually want to repair this relationship with food, we already know how to listen to our bodies cues, that something that's already there for you. Maybe you've just forgotten. So this embodied eating journey really is coming home to yourself, coming home to your wholeness, recognizing that and your future self is beyond where you are right now. Right? Like she's gone through all these other obstacles and she's grown into who she is with intention. If you're on this journey, you're not just going okay to to do whatever, right? Like, okay, maybe that diet, okay, maybe that diet, you are listening to this podcast, you're tuning in to the truth of who you are. And every single second, every single moment you are moving further and further and further into your wholeness. So for kin, congratulations, right, like, amazing. First of all, let's celebrate that. Let's celebrate who you are, and all the growth that you have experience. And if you're just brand new on this journey, welcome. I am so happy you're here, linking arms with you. And just like buckle in, right, this journey is me, zing.

Chanci Dawn:

So let's look at this your future self that bestie, who is linking arms with you, to help you think feel act so that you can actually create the results in your life that you desire to right now. And the thing I love about this is that when we look at this future self, right, who are we growing into in this embodied eating journey, when we look at that, and we really tap into her, I believe it can really expedite this journey for us. And not that we ever arrive. I really want to make this clear, this is a non linear process. There is no like finish line here. We are constantly on a journey. And we are constantly growing. And that's where your future self still has her future. So she can look to as well. But it's it's a really fun journey. And we can do this with ease. If we use all of these tools that I'm presenting to you to tap into your own body's wisdom. I used to wear a bracelet as a teen, WW JD right. What would Jesus do? I think it's so fun to think about it instead, like what would my future self do? Perhaps you might want to get a bracelet right perhaps one of my clients, I actually sent her because we were talking about this and she wanted like a quartz rose, beaded bracelet. So I sent it to her in the mail. And it's just so beautiful, right being able to have this as a token to remind yourself, tap in, you have everything inside of you, in order to lead you and guide you towards wholeness, healing your relationship with food and your body. And when you can actually have something tangible, that you can rub, right and like play with these beads, it can connect you to that future self very, very strongly. So I encourage you, if that's something that resonates, go and get something like that, I quite often have rocks or beach glass that I keep in my pocket. And I will do the same thing, right? Like there's different ones that feel different if I'm feeling if I'm in like having an anxiety day, for example, I have this one rock and it has a really smooth dip in it. And I will carry that and I'll rub it and it's very, very soothing to me. And it keeps me grounded and reminding myself of my wholeness. So these are things that you can do in order to it's like a it definitely it's a sensory connection to this truth, right things that you can do to really bring yourself and ground yourself back in this truth. So think about that, as I'm going through this podcast and we're having this conversation. Think about what will serve you what can you use to actually really deepen this experience for yourself. So when we're looking again, at the results we're creating in our life, or the results we're creating with food, and our relationship with our body. They all go back to our thoughts. This just is the way it works. So food is neutral, right? Our body is actually neutral. And it's the thoughts that we have about it that are creating the emotions, right we have a thought it sends down a vibration that we experience as an emotion in our body. And this emote these emotions, these feelings that we have actually drive us to take action When or not take action accordingly. And the actions we take actually create the results.

Chanci Dawn:

So we've talked about this a lot in past episodes. But of course, we always want to revisit this truth because this is really what gives us the power right to manage our mind to really be able to understand and process these emotions and then choose, how am I actually wanting to feel? And how do I actually need to think in order to really create this emotion in my life that will drive these powerful actions forward. And again, we always need to actually believe the thoughts that we're thinking, if we're just creating these thoughts and putting out there, but we're not actually embodying them, if we don't actually truly believe them, your body knows the truth. And you will not be feeling how these thoughts should, quote unquote, be making you feel and you will not be taking the actions. So this future self is a very, like, very, very, I'm just gonna say positive, of course, it's positive. But it's a very powerful tool that we can use to go, Okay, how do I actually need to be thinking in order to feel to get these results, and my future self has these results. So this means she's actually believing the thoughts she is thinking. So we get to access this from her. Because when we're just starting this journey, when we're little baby and bodied eaters, right, when we're just starting this, like beautiful process of healing our relationship with food in our body, most of the time, we're not believing the thoughts. And the evidence is in the results that we're getting. No shame here, there's no judgment, this is just the way it is, if you believed the thought you would be taking the actions accordingly. So your future self is there. So this is why it is such a really hot, so popular now I don't know me with these key words, today, I don't know what's going on. But again, really powerful tool to be able to access her because she's she can take you in her hands and go, sweetie, you might not believe this.

Chanci Dawn:

Now, you might think that this is so far out of your reach, but I promise you it's not because here we are living it. So let's look at the results you want to create. Who do you want to be when it comes to your relationship with food in your body, really get into that. I want to feel free. That's why I named my program. It tastes like freedom. Freedom, for me is everything. I want to be able to go out for dinner, have people over, I want to be able to go on vacation and not have any weird obsession about food before, during or after freedom, ha, I want to feel at home in my body. I want to respect my body, I want to honor her. I don't want to look at her in the mirror and think that she's anything but amazing. This is so important to me. Because I believe that this body is a gift that I get to live life through. So I really want to honor her as a gift and love her believe in it. Does that mean that I need to like everything that I see? No. To me, that's not something that's important. There's parts of my body, like my thighs, for example, that I'm like, Yeah, you know what they are big thighs. Do I like it? I can't say I do. Maybe one day I'll get to the point where I'm like, yeah, these are my thighs. And I love them. I don't right now, but that's okay. This is my journey. Maybe my future self will. Awesome for her. That's not actually super important to me. But what's important to me personally, is that I respect my thighs. So when I see myself in a mirror, and if my brat brain starts thinking stuff about my thighs, that is not respectful. That's where I go, Oh, right. I'm sorry, thighs. I'm sorry, body. I'm not speaking about you this way anymore. Okay, so this is your own journey. What's important to you? Where do you want to go? Tap into that? So when you do, let's look now where do you want to go? Okay, what results do you want to create? And how do you need to be feeling? And what thoughts will create these emotions in order to create these results that you are wanting to create in your life? Let's look at that. That is your future self. She's there. Okay. And now let's look at who you are right now. How are you thinking? And how are you feeling about food in your body? What actions are you taking accordingly and what results are you creating?

Chanci Dawn:

So this is first off Step First step is creating awareness around this. Right? Okay, I see why I'm creating the results I'm creating. Now, I am moving towards this. And this is where it gets fun. When you start to think the thoughts that you are right now, right, that might not be serving you. This is where your future self right, we can access her and go, What would you be thinking right now? With the having the results living in this body that you feel like home in? What thoughts do you have about her, that are serving you, that are helping you move forward in this relationship with your body that feels very whole, and very wholesome, and very nurturing? Right? Like, what thoughts are creating this for you? And then you get to borrow these thoughts from her now. And go back and listen to the episode about ladder thoughts. Because you borrow these thoughts from your future self. And then you use ladder thoughts to help yourself step by step, moment by moment, believe them more. It's okay that you don't believe them. Now. It's okay. If you're like, one on a one out of 10 scale of belief, that's okay. Find that find what you want to believe, create awareness around what you do right now. And then slowly, but surely, help yourself grow there by accessing your future selves. Okay, I hope this is making sense to you. It's kind of like woowoo a little out there. But I promise you if you access her, and you really start tuning into her, and looking at her, and like really going, Ooh, girl, like you're living the life that I am working towards living? How are you doing this, she will show you, she is available to you, right now you can access her thoughts, and then start working towards believing them. So what I encourage you to do is write down three to five key thoughts that your future self beliefs. She's like an eight at a 10, nine and a 10, perhaps a 10 out of 10. You don't need to be attended attend to be creating the results you want. No, it's okay. And remember, like I said in the beginning, this is nonlinear. Some days, your future self is like, oh, yeah, I believe this. And some days. She doesn't. And that's okay, too. This is always a journey moving forward with compassion, right? Always. So three to five key thoughts that you're working towards believing? What would those be I wrote down a few here, food is safe. My body is my ally, not my enemy. I create my own standard of beauty. I trust my body's cues. I honor my body's cues, if I want it, and I'd like my reasons for doing so than I can have it. So these are some really key thoughts that I work on believing every single day, my future self totally believes them. I love that for her. And I'm working towards it every single day. And some days, I feel like I'm there. And that's really, really fun and juicy. When you're like oh my gosh, this is a light, I'm feeling this, right. So just be in the process of it and have fun with it and write down your own key thoughts, three to five, we don't want to go too many, because then it just kind of becomes a little bit, a lot, right? Not a little bit, it becomes a lot a lot for your brain to hold on to. So if you can really bring it in to three to five core thoughts that you are going to work on believing that your future self already does.

Chanci Dawn:

And then with this, we can call this your belief plan K. This is your plan. This is what you're growing towards intentionally. And when you have this token, be it a rock in your pocket or a bracelet on your arm. When you touch this you remind yourself these are my truths. This is what my future self is living and I'm growing into her more and more every single day. So when you're when you're done listening to this, please take some time for yourself, light a candle, make this sacred sit down and really write down these thoughts that really, really really resonate and not for a second. Do not for a second judge yourself that you're not there. And it's absolutely okay. Remember you're growing into this good for you and the First step is like nailing down the thoughts in the first place.

Chanci Dawn:

Now, once you have these three to five, core beliefs that you are going to work on believing, and moving towards every single day, what I invite you to do is to write a letter to yourself now from your future self, the woman who believes these the woman who's living these thoughts, and who has the results that you are working towards, write a letter from her to you. What does she have to say? What encouragement does she have to give you? What advice does she have for you? She is full of wisdom, because remember, she's been through all that you have been through, and then some, she's got you, she gets you. So write a letter from her exactly what you're needing to hear. And this is so powerful, because when you do this, this is something that you can always revisit, you can go to on your days that you're struggling where you're like, what is the freakin point anyway? Okay, read your letter, right? Yes, reaffirming this is who I am growing to be. And this is why it's so important to me to do this. So, take time with this. This is a sacred practice, I encourage you to light a candle if you have incense or essential oil, defuse some or burn some incense, really allow all of your senses to really be immersed in this experience. Because like I said, it is sacred. This is your future self loving on you now.

Chanci Dawn:

Okay, my friend. Let me know if you have any questions about this. I have been tapping into my future self for years now. And it is such a fun way to love on yourself. So please, like I said, Any questions, shoot me an email healthy That's the email address I'm using right now. My domain one, everything's going to spam for some reason. So email me their healthy or connect with me on Instagram. That's really the easiest way. If we aren't already connected, please follow. Drop message me introduce yourself. I really, really, really want to build a relationship with you. I truly do. I want to know what's going on for you. I want to know the successes. I want to know your struggles and ask me questions. I might answer them there. Or I might wait and actually do a podcast episode about it. So please, like let's really get this conversation going. Let's link arms together you deserve all the support that you need in order to really grow into this future self. I love you. Thanks for listening Take care.