I gained 20lbs and learned how to set YOU free!

 The Wake Up Call ~

The scale continued to climb and I continued to deprive, I exercised harder for longer and beat myself up for not being able to measure up to my own expectations.

Why is this happening to me?” I asked myself.

You must feel like your own body is betraying you my MD offered.

How can you coach other women when you can’t even keep it together yourself? my inner tormentor screamed.

I critiqued my body in the mirror, I would whisper hatred towards myself in my head and at times I would actually visualize myself cutting away unwanted tummy fat. I obsessed over food and became increasingly disordered in my eating and thinking.

Admitting to myself that me, a health coach, a woman who was known to preach of the importance of  loving one’s body was hating her own, was painful. But what makes me want to throw up is the knowledge that I am not alone. Women everywhere are hating themselves, punishing, depriving, screaming inside – aching to be free from their battle.

 I realized that I had been treating myself in such a way that I would never do to my clients and I that if I was going to serve others then I needed to heal myself.

So what did I do? ~

I devoured every book and podcast that I could find on self-love, self-acceptable and body confidence.

I discovered how to exercise in a way that I find pleasurable.

I learned how to coach my inner critic and how to manage my thoughts.

And I embraced the need to nourish myself emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

I ate cake without regret, I made love with the lights on (and enjoyed it), I bought clothes that hugged my curves and I prayed, I prayed a lot!

What does this have to do with YOU? ~

My journey has been long, it hasn’t been easy, and I’m still on it.

But I know what to do!

I know how to look at my curves in the mirror and embrace them.

I know how to wake up free from tormenting thoughts of what I ate the day before.

I know how to manage my thoughts when they start to run away from me.

I know how to source out foods that nourish my body in the way it’s crying out for.

And I know how to teach other women to do the same.

If this resonates with you and perhaps makes your heart beat a little bit faster please download the free guide below (I made it specifically for stressed-out moms).

Please also share with your friends who you know need to be set free from their own painful struggles with their body image and weight struggles.

 You my friend are not alone.

xo Chanci