PLEASURE – The Ultimate Weight Loss Tool You’ve Been Searching For

There’s a vital connection between pleasure, stress and weight loss. – When I discovered this my heart skipped a beat!

For years my passion has been to create a program for women who are ready to get to the root of, and heal, their struggles with food and their weight. When I came across this concept I was like YES – That’s it!!!  This is going to rock their lives in a way they can’t even begin to imagine.

I passionately shared my idea to a group of fellow course creators expecting rave reviews – but wow, did I ever receive the opposite.

I was shocked and saddened by the resistance that came up for so many women.  Most said that the idea of pleasure turned them off and one even wrote “do you mean I simply need to touch myself in order to lose weight?” (Let’s all observe a moment of silence for how awesome it would be if THIS was that magic pill we’ve all been waiting for)

–  Ok, back to reality …

For a few days I was thrown and started doubting my path, then I realized something ~

Women NEED this even more than I realized.

Here’s the truthmost women are much more comfortable with the idea of deprivation than pleasure.

They have been taught to …

– punish themselves with exercise that they hate

– restrict food to lose weight

– feel shame about the body they’re living in

– and they have pretty much resigned to the normalcy of feeling like crap.

In this common mindset, when women hear the word pleasure many instantly feel a deep sense of guilt.

This, my friends, makes me so sad and SO PASSIONATE to help be the force of change so that women (so that you) never have to punish, restrict, deprive or feel body shame again!

If you’re so done with depriving yourself in the name of skinny I want to help you!

My passion is helping women get unstuck from the negative self talk that their bitch brains dish out so they can feel free, happy and alive!

Go here to book your free consult. I can’t wait to see if working together is the best next step for you!