How to Feel Calm in the Chaos

You know that dinnertime chaos.  When you’re juggling all the things and you kind of want to just – leave.

Well, last night was one of those nights for me.

My daughter was crying over homework.

My son was intent on entertaining me with new jokes (that all included the word poop).

And my oldest opened the patio door a bazillion times over letting the cold in and causing my dog to lose it.  

This was beyond my limitations of tolerance and I was seriously about to BLOW MY TOP.


But here’s the cool thing.

I didn’t.


My son is extremely sensory sensitive and his compulsive behaviours are rarely done simply to annoy me.

Remembering this was enough of a thought upgrade to help me chillax.


I was able to feel more curious than frustrated and instead of losing it I stepped back and asked him why he kept going onto the patio.


His face instantly lit up as he dramatically announced that “the dark smells so good”.

What the?!? … Now, this was a new one.

He went on to tell me what darkness smells like and I just stood there amazed at what a gift he’s been given, and also grateful that I didn’t lose opportunity to share this moment with him.


Life as a mom can get pretty nutso and it’s way too common to just settle with feeling overwhelmed.   

But you don’t have to!


When you understand that it’s your thoughts that create your feelings you can create the life that you desire ~ and dare I say that you can even enjoy the chaos.

Yup, I said it – you can!


Helping mom’s learn how to stop and smell the darkness is my hearts work.

The tools I teach have helped me step out of the chaos and build a life, and relationship with my kids, that used to feel so out of reach.


If you’re ready to bust through your comfort zone and start to truly create a life you don’t need a vacation from please, let’s connect.

Go here and book a free mini session with me.  We’ll chat about your struggles and goals and see if working together is the best fit for you!







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