Tapping into Your Cycle’s Wisdom with Tara McCann | EP.08

Curiosity and Compassion are two pillars of embodied eating and learning how to track and honour your menstrual cycle is a powerful way to connect to, build trust in and hold reverence for your body. In this episode, Chanci and menstrual health coach, Tara McCann, explore

●    How tracking can increase confidence and help you be an advocate for your health and needs

●    Hormones and how they influence your mood, cravings, creativity, and intuition at different stages of your cycle

●    How to support yourself nutritionally and with pleasure at different phases of your cycle.

●    How you can use the moon to track if you don’t have a regular cycle or physical womb

●    Transitioning into menopause

●    What do charcuterie boards, people chatting you up, and dancing in the moon have to do with loving and honouring your body and her cycle!



About the Guest:

Tara McCann is a Menstrual Health Coach who supports women to use the power of their menstrual cycle to tune in to what their body needs and to work with their body instead of against it. She is passionate about guiding women in the transformation from enduring their menstrual cycles to using that cyclical rhythm to nurture themselves and to connect to their inner wisdom and guidance. Her clients track their menstrual cycle and use that information to make confident choices about their health, to get more done in their business and nourish themselves first. You can find Tara at her website www.taramccannwellness.com

Instagram www.instagram.com/taramccannwellness



About the Host:

Chanci Dawn is a non-diet certified nutritionist, mindset and embodiment coach whose soul’s purpose is to help women create the most wildly free and loving relationship with food and their bodies. After over 30 years of dieting and recovering from her own eating disorder Chanci is determined to help women find the same freedom she has through embodied eating and pleasurable living. Chanci believes that when you fall madly in love with yourself you’ll have the power to change your world and from there you can change the world around you making embodied eating a deep and powerful form of activism!


Find Chanci on the following platforms:

Website: http://www.chancidawn.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theembodiednutritionist/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/chancidawn



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