I view my first meeting with Chanci, four years ago, as one of the most powerful moments in my life! Since then, I have been empowered, educated and emotionally supported by her, on my journey to live the healthiest life I can. She has an authentic, truthful and unabashedly human approach to her teachings and I leave each interaction with her feeling enriched


Having Chanci as a Life Coach is honestly one of the best choices I’ve made, by far!!! ¬†She has literally changed my life…Chanci has taught me skills FAR beyond the healthy recipes and exercise routines I thought a weight loss coach would teach! I have a new respect for food – an appreciation and love for it! I’ve learned to listen to my body, and I’m discovering why I eat like I eat. I am continuing to learn daily how to take the best care of myself! I am very grateful for the support I get from Chanci, and I feel blessed to have her as such a big part of my life!! One of the things that I love, Chanci is always challenging me to look deeper. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, and with the skills she’s taught and is teaching me and her continued support, I’m confident I will keep the weight off that I have lost!