The It Tastes Like Freedom Podcast

Non-diet nutritionist, embodiment & mindset coach, Chanci Dawn, went from selling weight-loss shakes for a living to devoting her life to setting herself, and other women, free from their constant struggle with food and allowing the size of their thighs to determine their worth.

Listen in as Chanci and her guests share inspiring insights, revealing stories and simple strategies that’ll help you transform your relationship with food and your body in the most nurturing, free and loving way possible - through embodied eating.

Chanci’s vision is that the raw, no-hold-back, girlfriend kind of convos will inspire and equip you to harness all the misspent time, energy and money on dieting and focus instead on living a life that you adore in a body that feels like home.

Do you feel out of control around food? Are you caught up in the crazy-making “I’ll start again on Monday” mentality? Do you want to feel calm, peaceful, and free around food - while still achieving your health goals? If so then listen in because this episode is made for you! Permission, Pillar 2 of the It Tastes Like Freedom Embodied Eating program is a vital key on your path to freedom. For many this feels scary and chaotic - this is normal - YOU are normal! And by listening to Chanci deep dive into all things permission you’ll see that you can finally give yourself permission to trust your body that she is indeed the best nutritionist you know!
Ahhh pleasure! In this episode, Alina Z joins me for a fun and juicy conversation all about why pleasure is vitally important, how to easily incorporate more of it into your life and how it will help to transform your relationship with food and your body!
Pleasure is not only encouraged in Embodied Eating - it is absolutely critical! So critical, in fact, that it’s one of the 4 pillars of embodied eating and really fun so we’re starting here! You simply can’t have a wild and free relationship with food and your body without it. YET, there is a very important distinction between false and true pleasure that you need to learn to serve your body the best! By listing to this episode you will come away understanding why pleasure is so vital, the difference between true and false pleasure and how to start incorporating more of it into your life today.
Join Chanci as she deep dives into the beauty of Embodied Eating, what it entails and how it can benefit you. Think - more pleasure, more freedom, more radiance and definitely a lot more fun! Embodied eating is the key to feeling wildly free and alive and listening in on this episode is the best first step to getting there!
Chanci shares her earliest memories of the diet cultures’ conditioning and works her way through the years until she gave up a high paying career selling weight loss shakes to devote her life to setting herself, and other women, free from the chains of the diet cultures’ lies. Chanci’s goal with this episode is to spark your own awareness of the impact of diet culture in your life so you can begin your own healing journey towards food and body love and freedom.
This show is about freedom. Freedom from your constant struggle with food and letting the size of your thighs determine your worth. Join me weekly for no hope back unfiltered girlfriend kind of conversations that will inspire, teach and empower you. As we tune in to our own body's wisdom and tune out of the diet industry blinds, we can live our most radiant, pleasurable, and fulfilled lives.