The It Tastes Like Freedom Podcast

Non-diet nutritionist, embodiment & mindset coach, Chanci Dawn, went from selling weight-loss shakes for a living to devoting her life to setting herself, and other women, free from their constant struggle with food and allowing the size of their thighs to determine their worth.

Listen in as Chanci and her guests share inspiring insights, revealing stories and simple strategies that’ll help you transform your relationship with food and your body in the most nurturing, free and loving way possible - through embodied eating.

Chanci’s vision is that the raw, no-hold-back, girlfriend kind of convos will inspire and equip you to harness all the misspent time, energy and money on dieting and focus instead on living a life that you adore in a body that feels like home.

Intentionally restricting and/or depriving yourself of calories or food groups in order to lose weight can do an immense amount of physical, emotional and psychological damage. Yet, we are conditioned by the diet industry to believe that it is one of the most healthy things we can do! In this episode, Chanci exposes many of ... Read more
Let’s replace the weeds that keep you stuck in the diet mentality (see episode 40) with seeds that’ll help you grow more freedom, joy and pleasure in your life! In this episode Chanci dives into some key things that have helped her, and her clients, on their journey towards food and body freedom. About the ... Read more
Managing your mind about things that trigger you is an important skill. Yet, sometimes simply changing the circumstance is both the easiest and most serving thing to do. Conserving your brain’s energy for the things that really matter, by creating an atmosphere that’s ripe for you to thrive in, is a radical form of self-care! ... Read more
Your thoughts create your reality and thinking more loving thoughts will create a more loving reality! This is an incredible truth … let it sink in. Now, there is a slippery slope here that needs to be discussed. Toxic positivity may feel like you’re creating higher vibe thoughts but nope – it actually denies you ... Read more
Do you know why you want what you want? Do you understand why you make the goals you do? We’re bombarded with messages telling us what we should want, be and have. Subtle promises are attached to these messages that these attainments will make you feel happy, fulfilled and complete. But will they? This episode ... Read more
We are excited to bring you this encore presentation of one of our most popular episodes. We hope you enjoy! Hustle, burnout, adrenal fatigue, go go go GO … I say NOPE! There’s a better way to show up for yourself and your goals without burning yourself out. It’s a gentle, compassionate and caring way ... Read more