The It Tastes Like Freedom Podcast

Non-diet nutritionist, embodiment & mindset coach, Chanci Dawn, went from selling weight-loss shakes for a living to devoting her life to setting herself, and other women, free from their constant struggle with food and allowing the size of their thighs to determine their worth.

Listen in as Chanci and her guests share inspiring insights, revealing stories and simple strategies that’ll help you transform your relationship with food and your body in the most nurturing, free and loving way possible - through embodied eating.

Chanci’s vision is that the raw, no-hold-back, girlfriend kind of convos will inspire and equip you to harness all the misspent time, energy and money on dieting and focus instead on living a life that you adore in a body that feels like home.

Listen in and be inspired by the transformative journey of Stacey Vulakh, an embodied woman who has discovered the incredible power of allowing her body to guide and lead her. Stacey shares her personal experiences and insights on how she has learned to tap into her wisdom, harnessing its potential to navigate life's challenges and make decisions from a place of deep authenticity. As we journey with Stacey, we discover the transformative power of embodiment, where the mind and body merge to create a unified, intuitive force. We learn how trusting our bodies can help us cultivate self-compassion, strengthen intuition, and make decisions aligned with our truest selves.
Is Intermittent fasting right for you? Join Chanci in this thought-provoking episode as she delves into the world of intermittent fasting. With all the buzz it's generating in the health and weight loss realm, many are eager to know if this is their long waited solution. Tune in as Chanci explores both the pros and cons of intermittent fasting, shedding light on its potential impact on your health. This episode will empower you with valuable insights, equipping you to make an informed decision about whether intermittent fasting is the right path for you.
In this soul-nourishing episode infidelity coach, Andrea Giles, vulnerably explores the raw pain and deep wounds inflicted by infidelity. But amidst the darkness, she reveals a glimmer of hope—a transformative journey towards healing and self-discovery, paving the way to the most nurturing relationship you can ever imagine—with yourself! Join us as Andrea shares her invaluable insights on guiding clients through the healing process for their hearts and body image. Discover the transformative journey toward building trust and cultivating a positive self-image, leading to a profoundly fulfilling relationship with oneself. This conversation is an opportunity to explore the transformative power of healing and rediscover your own potential for deep self-love.
Can midlife sex be the best sex you’ve ever had? Heck YES it can! Listen in as Dr. Sonia, a leading expert in midlife intimacy and sexual pleasure, dives into challenging societal norms and discovering the immense joy that awaits us when we give ourselves permission to explore and embrace our pleasure. Tune in and embark on a journey towards rediscovering pleasure, redefining your sexuality, and embracing a future filled with passion and fulfillment.
Do you fear that giving yourself the freedom to eat what, when, and how much you want will lead to food chaos? Well, fear no more! In this episode, Chanci dives deep into the transformative power of granting yourself permission and uncovers the path to ultimate food freedom. Get ready for an enlightening discussion as she debunks misconceptions, shares practical strategies, and reveals an inspiring story that will empower you to break free from food guilt and reclaim your relationship with nourishment. Listen in to discover how giving yourself permission can lead to a life filled with joy, balance, and delicious possibilities. It's time to set yourself free with genuine permission!
Welcome to the Food and Body Freedom group program!Listen in as Chanci shares a free sample lesson where she teaches about the negative impact of diets on our mental, physical, and emotional health.Knowledge is power, so let this episode equip you with the truth you need to choose freedom when your brain might be enticing ... Read more